Corporate Events


Planning a conference, we will work with you to provide; stages, sound systems, stage lighting, Printed logo backdrops, delegate lists & name badges to name a few.


Getting the lighting right is so important, this can really can make the difference and add drama when needed, use our intelligent lighting to bring your brand to life;

  • Full stage lighting rigs
  • Audience Lighting
  • Moving Head (room Roaming) for the exciting bits
  • Wall washes
  • Gobo projection (project company logos and other images or phrases)


Don’t forget your stage, it doesn’t have to be like Wembley but elevating your speakers makes a huge difference to how they project their voice and the way the sound carries not to mention it looks great,

We can make it look as fancy as you like with printed backdrops, display stands & units or just a standard stage.


Productions & conferences for ‘Rewarding staff’ and ‘Product launches’ need to be designed in a way that excites your guests – that’s where we come in.

Weather your theming a Recognition event, Christmas party or holding a product launch, we will work with you to build an event completely tailored to your business.

We do all the hard work, leaving you to have all the fun of choosing designs, themes and colour schemes.